[Sysreading] Meeting time for the Spring semester

James Davis davisjam at vt.edu
Sat Jan 6 18:34:46 EST 2018

Hi all,

The Systems Reading Group will continue this semester. We will generally
meet in the CRC as usual.

Based on the brainstorming in our Idego-fueled final meeting last semester,
this semester's topics will include:

   - Blockchain and smart contracts
   - Software-defined networks (SDNs)
   - "Something about the Linux kernel"
   - *< insert your request here :-) >*

I know schedules shift every semester, and I want to ensure that we pick a
meeting time that works for plenty of people.

*So, if you plan to attend regularly this semester*, go here
<http://whenisgood.net/7ew79xt> and:
1. Highlight all of the times that will work for you in a typical week.
2. Enter your name (bottom right)
3. Click the "send response" button (bottom right).

Looking forward to another thought-provoking semester!



Jamie Davis
PhD student, Computer Science, 2015-?
Virginia Tech

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